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Sep 30

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  • Correct ways to show your dislike for something: "oh I don't like that thing"
  • Incorrect ways to show your dislike for something: spamming the tag with hate and/or unrelated posts


disabled children need to know that they’re worth more than being inspirational objects for abled adults

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hobbies include:

  • playing video games
  • crying over video games
  • buying video game soundtracks
  • talking about video games
  • taking screenshots of video games
  • video games

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*sees a mans ego getting crushed*
*instant reblog*

Why just a mans? Thats sexist.

*instant reblog*

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*goes to bed at 2am instead of 5am* wow, my life is so in order right now.  i’m making such good decisions for myself and my body and my soul and im so in love with myself for doing this

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waking up cold: alright I need more blankies

waking up hot: covers thrown everywhere. sweat behind the kneecaps. 3 dead. the pillow is the sun. critical condition.

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